Single Herbs

6 Luxury single herb serums + Swiss plan stem cells for professional use with microneedling & facial acupuncture.
Mix to formulate your own custom serums with traditional herbs & plant stem cells. Ready-to-use in 3 sizes.
Plant Stem Cells/
Malus Domestica

This highly concentrated stem cell serum is made from the Swiss Uttwiler Sp√§tlauber apple stem cells. At 10% concentration, it’s the highest available on the market today at the absolute best price and purity, and is proven to promote collagen production and reduce the depth of facial lines and scars.¬†


Ju Hua/Chrysanthemum

This serum reduces skin irritation, redness, heat, and chronic conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis. It treats sensitive skin, puffiness, wrinkles, blemishes, and clears redness. Perfect for use post-micro needling.

(Certified organic chrysanthemum morifolium from France)

Dang Gui/Angelica Root

This serum can be used on all skin types to promote circulation and skin health. It dramatically improves and balances skin tone and texture, smooths patchiness, and repairs skin. As an anti-aging herb, it decreases the appearance of wrinkles as it hydrates and creates a healthy glow.

(Certified organic angelica sinesis root from Bulgaria)

Ren Shen/
Red Ginseng Serum


Ai Ye/Artemisia


Huang Qi / Astragalus root


Limited: Get a sample pack of all 6 single herbs.

For a limited time, get a sample pack of all 6 single herbs (excluding malus domestica stem cells).

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